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  Logo Reproduction
Black & White Camera-Ready Artwork For Computer Cut Vinyl Graphics

If you already use a printer such as Minuteman Press, they should be able to provide you with what is known as a camera-ready photostat of your logo. This artwork can then be scanned into our computer, creating a bitmap image of your logo. Raster Source
Our sign design software then has to vectorize the image by reading the bitmap and trying to outline the pixels with lines and arcs connected by editing points. Rough Vectorisation
When this is done, a considerable amount of time is required to clean the image by manually editing the individual lines and points in order to correct and clean the image making it useable by our vinyl cutting equipment. As a result, we do charge a one-time logo reproduction fee ranging from $50-$100 or more, depending on the complexity of the graphic and the quality of the artwork provided. Clean Vectorisation
When the logo has been scanned and cleaned up, we keep all files on a disk and can reuse your graphic on additional signage with no extra charge. In additon, now that we have a very clean image of your logo, we can convert it to many PC formats for you to use on your own computer in your own programs. Ready to cut!
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