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  16. Web Site Development

Does your company need website development/ graphic design services?

We provide the following services:

Website design and web application development.
Web programming for corporations and entrepreneurs.
Other web related service like website maintenance and Flash development.

Sign*A*Rama Burwood does both website graphic design and complex database programming.

Services that we offer include:
Website design Website development
Flash content Database application
Ecommerce HTML newsletters
Search engine optimisation Content management system
Website maintenance Website hosting
Internet project consulting Website evaluation

How do we work?

PHASE I - Define

In this phase, the objective is to understand clearly the voice of the prospective customer. When doing business on the Internet, we realize the importance of being clearly understood, to provide the best solutions to our customers.

PHASE II - Design and Development

There are 3 key phases:

1. Design: Once the preliminary requirements are clarified, the next step is to agree the functional specification and the design.

2. The design evolves to its more complex level of existence, where many parts of the site spring to life. We have this intermediate delivery before the final delivery to establish that we are working in accordance with expectations.

3. The final product is delivered after testing. There are no surprises, and no tense expectations on the date of delivery.

PHASE III - Deployment

Once the design and development phase is completed, we will deploy the Internet site for you. The performance of the site is monitored for a period of one month if there is no site maintenance agreement. Any problems found during this period will be solved, without any additional cost to the customer. Should you wish us to do the maintenance on the website for you, we will implement a website maintenance process, that gives you access to friendly and professional support that will help keep your website up to date.

At the deployment phase, the site promotion process is implemented, as this is an important phase in helping the website create business for you. We will discuss options with you to help promote your site, and encourage people to re-visit.

Our aim is to help your business grow.


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